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Memorable meetings

'Hire one of our meeting rooms or inspirational outdoor spaces.'
Within the main house we have three meeting rooms and a private cinema
Meet Indoors

Holly Grange's Meeting Rooms

The Dining Room

This ground floor room features a stunning country house mahogany table and seats up to 12 people board room style or 24 people theatre style. With a 60 inch screen, high speed broadband and guest wifi, this room is available on a half day or full day basis from £150. A range of refreshment options are available, from teas and coffees to silver service meals.

Holly Grange Office (2).jpg

The Victoria Room

This elegant first floor room overlooks the croquet lawn and orchard. Featuring a contemporary designer table which comfortably seats eight people, there is the option of removing the table to seat up to 24 people theatre style. With a 60 inch monitor, high speed broadband and guest wifi, this room is available on a half day or full day basis from £100. A range of light refreshment options are available.

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The Music room

The smallest of our meeting rooms, the music room boasts not one, but two pianos! With a leather topped library table comfortably seeing eight people, this room is suitable for smaller meetings, one to one discussions or as a quiet, private office for thinking time. With high speed broadband, guest wifi and two pianos, this room is available on a half day or full day basis from £65. A range of light refreshment options are available. 

The Cinema Room

The Cinema

Our intimate first floor cinema seats 18 people in plush velvet seats rescued from a cinema in London’s Mayfair! The 3m wide screen sits behind red velvet curtains and the cinema is fitted with a full surround sound system. This room is perfect for presentations or private screenings and is available on a half day or full day basis from £150. 

For larger groups we can arrange outdoor screenings on the croquet lawn or in the park or woods for up to 150 people

Meet Outdoors

During the summer, we have a range of unique outdoor meeting

Each outdoor meeting location works for 6 people to 50 people. For outdoor meetings in the Century Orchard or under the Venerable Oaks, we reserve either an indoor meeting room or, for larger numbers, the marquee as well as your outdoor location. This means that if the weather is inclement, we have the option of relocating your meeting indoors.


Outdoor meetings from £175   


We offer a range of catering and refreshment options in the marquee and outdoor areas to match your requirements. If your meeting requires a larger space, we can accommodate an 80ft x 40ft marquee which seats 170 people at round tables or 250 people theatre style.

Century Orchard

Hold your meeting amidst 100 year old fruit trees surrounded by wildflowers and butterflies. A hundred years ago, Century Orchard would have provided the house with apples, pears, damsons, plums, greengages and berries. Today, the grass under the fruit trees is uncut for much of the season and the resulting wild flowers, butterflies, birds and other wildlife helps make this a special place for a meeting. 

Holly Grange (25).jpg

Venerable Oak

Meet in a woodland glade under the shade of our two hundred year old oak trees. The forest of Arden would once have extended this far and our huge oak trees are surely  descendants of those that made up that ancient wood.  Like Century orchard, the oak area is being rewilded and new trees are shooting up and being planted along with a 100m long traditional hedge. With views over the adjacent fields, this is an inspirational place for a meeting!  

Holly Grange (20).jpg

Anyone for Croquet?

Traditional marquee on the croquet lawn, surrounded by rare trees. Located adjacent to the house, our 40ft x 20ft canvas marquee seats up to 50 people at round tables or 70 people theatre style. We usually configure the marquee with rustic trestle tables and benches but can offer alternative furniture options and different flooring solutions to suit your meeting. If the weather is good, then you may choose to have the side walls removed.

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